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Deliciously Demented & Succulently Scary!

“5 work colleagues find themselves lost on the way to a retreat in the countryside. At a desolate pub, they are effortlessly seduced into a change of plans by three mysterious, beautiful hippies who invite them to a party at their mansion, alluring them with the promise of sex, drugs, and good times.” What could possibly go wrong?
This was my first time reading a Sian Rose novel; it won’t be my last.
Farm is a horror-lover’s wet dream: Blood, guts, cults, cannibals, torture, a demented family, and a traumatic childhood. Farm has it all woven neatly into a watertight plot that twists and turns right to the very end. It’s dark and disturbing, yet filled with edge of your seat thrills, you have no choice but to keep turning the pages. And whilst you’re rooting for the heroine, you can’t help feeling sympathy for the villain – a sure sign of brilliant writing.
A must read for fans of the horror genre, or those who simply like their books to be messed up in the best possible way.

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